Daktela’s campaign module supports easy phone number import and web-based callscript setup, tracking real-time performance.
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Easy to create a call script
Create a new campaign call script in minutes with Daktela by adding fields, arranging them with drag-and-drop, and previewing the result.
Campaign data imports and exports
Import and export campaign data in Daktela using XLS, CSV, or API formats. You can export entire call scripts or specific fields based on custom filters. Additionally, Daktela handles duplicates during the import process.
Call recording and subtitles
Daktela offers recording of campaign calls, including online listening of ongoing calls via a web interface. Recordings can be searched and played directly in the web interface. We also allow bulk downloads of recordings.
Predictive, progressive, and preview
Choose preview, progressive, or predictive dialing for each campaign.
Daktela allows you to change dialing methods during a campaign.
Select how many times you want to try to call each phone number.
Let your agents focus on meaningful tasks
Use voicebots and chatbots for routine communication. Automate repetitive tasks and get insights into your activities. Make your agents' work easier with our Copilot.
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Phone Number Management in Campaigns
Create multiple databases per campaign and specify the database during import. Activate multiple databases simultaneously and deactivate them when necessary. This is especially useful for low performance or sales.
Seamless CRM and BI Integration
The Daktela platform provides a programmatic API for integration with external systems. Customers use it to import campaign data, retrieve call results and download recordings. Data can be exported for further processing, such as using a Keboola Connection connector.
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We have worked with Daktela for over 15 years. They have helped us grow our customer base and improve our communications.
Ludmila Foltýnová
We are thoroughly impressed with Daktela's professionalism. The flexibility of the solution means it can easily integrate with our existing information systems.
Ondřej Křivan
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