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We help companies take care of their customer service by creating a contact center platform. We enhance and personalize your customer experience by connecting sources within one solution: phone calls, e-mail, SMS, WebChat, Chatbot, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Viber.

Why choose our contact center platform?

We have over 18 years of experience developing and providing contact center solutions. We get to know your business and create a solution that fits your unique requirements.



We support directly within our own solution all the communication channels you may need in one application – phone, email, help desk, SMS, web chat and social networks.

Realtime reporting and statistics

As a standard, we provide unified reporting across all communication channels with a range of frequently used reports which are readily available.

Open platform with API

Daktela is an open omni-channel platform with a REST API interface with many ready-made integrations into other popular systems available.

Customer’s communication history

Daktela automatically records all communications across all channels with your customers into a dedicated custom card within our CRM. By capturing and storing this communication history and presenting it to the agent at the appropriate time, we significantly increase productivity and the overall customer experience.

Cloud and dedicated solution

Daktela can operate as a true cloud service or as a private cloud with software running on your own dedicated servers in your virtual environment.

Technical support

High availability and reliability of our service is our number one priority. Technical support is available 24×7 for all communication channels. In Daktela we use our own technology in our own business, gaining operational experience in the use of our technology, which helps when dealing with our customers.

Connect with your customers at any time,anywhere and any way



Intelligent Inbound Routing
Campaign module
Progressive dialer
Predictive dialer
Robotic calls
Realtime Panel / Statistics
IPBX  Functionality


Web Click-to-Call
Facebook Messenger
API integration
Mobile application


Helpdesk/ticketing system
Integration with corporate email
Ticket categorization
Personalized display
SLA and time conditions



Voice services
International Numbers
Toll-free lines
SMS Connect
Daktela Mobile
24 × 7 Technical support


Find a program that’s right for you

With our system you will have a perfect overview of customer requirements, their solutions and the occupancy of your entire customer line and individuals.

Small business and startups

Daktela is your effective, affordable, and easy-to-use call center software for small businesses. We are a cloud based small business call center solution with support for phone, e-mail, Webchat, SMS, Viber and Whatsapp communication channels in one web application.

Medium-size companies

Do you already have an e-shop? Do you have several employees, but do not have control over the number of processed and missed calls, emails, web chats?

We offer the services of our experts to help solve your problems. We will perform a comprehensive analysis of your customer care, test it and suggest procedures for its improvement.

Established companies

Unify everything into one clear application. In addition, you can automate some steps and save your customers support time and money.

All you need is a LAN network, solid internet connectivity/latency and a phone. You can use an IP phone, or a free software phone or a WEBRTC phone solution all free of charge.

Global companies

Expand abroad professionally. We will provide you with local telephone numbers for each new market. Within one web interface, it can serve several e-shops, easily and in one place.

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See how easy it is to connect your phone, try calling, web chat, decision chat, email / helpdesk, WhatsApp, Viber, SMS, Facebook Messenger and other advanced features of our contact center.

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