Virtual Mobile Numbers – Cloud-Based Phone Numbers


A Modern, fully digital, secure but significantly cheaper telephony solution for your company.


We can provide you with a range of virtual mobile numbers which can be assigned to your Daktela platform.  This provides a modern, fully digital, secure, and significantly cheaper mobile telephony solution for your company or call center. You pay low monthly fee and for your call you can check at any time on the web portal of the service.


Unlimited number of calls on one number

Unlike standard mobile phones, the virtual mobile number allows you to make and receive an unlimited number of (simultaneous) incoming and outgoing calls on one telephone number.

Online billing

We provide secure access to our billing application Webcare. Thsi provides you with with an online statement of all calls and monthly payments. The application is accessible via a secure web interface.

Properties as a fixed number

The virtual mobile phone number can be used in the same way as a fixed number. This means that incoming calls can be routed based on your own time conditions, notifications, etc.

Higher admissibility

Mobile numbers generally have higher call acceptance levels than geographic numbers leading to better call penetration rates.

Assignment of new numbers

We can easily assign you new virtual mobile numbers according to your needs as and when you need them.

Complete call history

With a virtual mobile number, you also get a complete call history with the option of recording these calls.

Experience a solution that will change your business for the better.

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  • Supported VoIP protocols are SIP and IAX2
  • Supported codecs are G729, G711a (alaw), G711u (ulaw), GSM, iLBC, OPUS
  • Possibility to secure voice services via encrypted protocol SIP TLS and SRTP
  • Proven compatibility with Daktela, Asterisk, Cisco, Nortel, Siemens and Avaya IP exchanges
  • 24 × 7 technical support, including active device monitoring