Automation of processes

Artificial intelligence tools, such as call steering or text-to-speech, will speed up the processing of your customers’ requests and improve customer satisfaction levels as a result.

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Improve the customer experience with AI

Use our AI capabilities to filter customer queries and route specific questions to the ideal person in your contact centre who can provide the best response quickly and efficiently.

Artificial intelligence

Omnichannel communication with customers

All communication is seamlessly connected across all channels as if it’s one single conversation. So you know exactly what the customer requires or what products or services they are interested in, irrespective of their choice of the communication channel.


Easily create a campaign with personalised text

Reach thousands of your existing or potential customers with information about a new product or service through a range of different communications media, i.e., SMS or email, all with one click in the app.

Dialler Call Centre

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Leave some of your Agent’s activities to robots

Recurring questions can be left to chatbots or voicebots, with the option to speak to a live agent when needed.

AI Chatbot

Make decisions based on predictive reporting

Use 100% of the resource capacity of your contact centre by automatically identifying possible weak spots revealed by the Daktela online reporting application. You can also monitor any changes to ensure these weak spots are eliminated.

Reporting Tools

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