Communicate with your customers
in a more fun way, or why not try Rich Business Messaging

SMS messages are more of a historical artefact nowadays, because in today’s digital world they look a bit boring and have a number of limitations. On the contrary, the modern way of communication is Rich Business Messaging, which is basically interactive multimedia content in one chat – i.e. videos, photos or even coloured buttons with links to web content.


With this tool your messages to your customers can look like a small colourful newsletter! Which is far more engaging than sending a simple informative SMS.

On the other hand, it’s a known fact that most people respond to SMS messages almost immediately. This is confirmed by the experience of our colleagues at Coworkers.ai, where the new Rich Communication Services standard had an open rate of a whopping 91%. Your campaigns will be much more effective with this technological innovation and you will find your customers faster.

And how does it work?

RBM messages (Rich Business Messaging) running on Rich Communication Services (RCS) technology are designed to work like any other chat application. On Android phones, the feature is natively supported, so recipients don’t need to install any new software on their phone – they receive an RBM message just like a regular SMS. RMB messages are sent and received over the internet using the RCS communication protocol, which runs in the background.

Rich Business Messaging is already supported by most mobile operators and hardware manufacturers worldwide.


How to communicate directly and in real time

Messaging via RBM is real-time, making it ideal for two-way automated communication between customers and your business. Plus, you can take advantage of a range of personalisation options and deploy your corporate identity directly in the sender profile. 

And as we’ve already hinted, the communication itself also allows you to use not only text, but also videos, rotating offers, reply or call-to-action buttons, and other customization options, including interaction with other apps on your phone. 

Importantly, sender authentication, which takes place directly with the operator, eliminates any spam, phishing or other fraudulent activity in RBM messages.

You can also use RBM as a channel for chatbots, making your customer service more efficient and even better than before.

Our colleagues at Coworkers.ai have tested how Rich Business Messaging works in practice, when the insurance company Kooperativa conducted a survey on client satisfaction after a phone call with their customer service line. And the results confirmed the excellent RBM communication parameters – 91% of clients read the message, 60% started the conversation and 48% of clients answered all the questions asked. This, too, may inspire your firm to give Rich Business Messaging a try in a new campaign.