The future of contact centers We are integrating ChatGPT into our contact center solution

At Daktela, we believe that artificial intelligence (AI) will increasingly play a significant role in the future functioning and servicing of contact centers. That’s why we’ve decided to fully utilize the potential of this technology and integrate ChatGPT directly into our platform as one of the first companies to do so.


This implementation was made possible by the introduction of the GPT 3.5 turbo version, which allows access to other developers through its API interface. The innovation will offer our customers a range of improvements, primarily more efficient handling of incoming requests and faster communication with customers.

The first implemented functionality is the summarization of communication threads. This allows users to find out what the agent and the customer are communicating about at several points. This eliminates the need to read all the emails and other text communication in the thread, making it easier to navigate the system, especially in the lists of individual customer requests, or providing the agent with a quick overview of the customer’s history during communication.

Other new functionalities focus on improving, accelerating, and automating text communication. Daktela Contact Center now allows agents to simply write a brief list of points they want to convey to the customer. These points are then automatically expanded into a complete prescribed email with all the formal and communication requirements through GPT-3.5. At the same time, the agent can mark any sentence and have it rewritten in a different style using new features, for example, to sound more formal or friendlier.

Artificial intelligence is already changing the world and will continue to play an increasingly important role in corporate strategies across various fields, including communication software. Last year, we acquired Coworkers.ai, a company developing its own intelligent voice bots and chatbots,  laying the groundwork for the development of this kind of innovation. AI has thus begun to penetrate many of our products in various ways, and the implementation of ChatGPT into the operation of contact centers further advances the level of our smart solutions,”  comments Jiří Havlíček, Chief Technology Officer of Daktela.