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All-in-one customer care solution
Effectively oversee both inbound and outbound interactions, analyze performance metrics, automate tasks, and provide outstanding service across multiple channels. Step into the future of contact center management.
True omnichannel
Complete equality among communication channels, whether it’s voice calling, emails, web chats, SMS, or social media.
Inhouse AI Team
Our AI division is an integral part of our company. We don't depend on third-party AI specialists; instead, we hire our own experts. That's how we've embraced AI so early and so effectively! Explore our Daktela AI bot, ChatGPT features, and much more.
Own infrastructure
From switches and routers to data centers and servers, all the way up to the user interface, we handle every aspect of operations. We don't depend on public clouds; instead, we securely store your data under our own roof.
24x7 local phone support
Our support is accessible in numerous countries, with assistance available in your local language. Additionally, we offer a default 24x7 SLA at no extra cost.
We adjust to you
The choice is entirely yours when it comes to selecting and paying for modules. Pick and mix each communication channel or opt for various additional packages.
Guided installation
We are committed to assisting you at every stage of the onboarding process, and even beyond. We're here to engage in conversations with you, and we encourage you to communicate with us.
We grow with you
Whether you have 5 agents or thousands, Daktela has you covered. Our solution is scalable and adaptable, supporting your business through all stages of growth.
18 years of experience
We're not newcomers in the market. Daktela is deployed in over 1200 installations across nearly every industry. This extensive experience allows us to gather best practices and incorporate them into our product.
Early adopters
When a new technology or industry approach emerges, we are among the first to embrace and leverage it. This commitment enables us to learn quickly and enhances your efficiency.
Companies around the world trust Daktela
Everything you need to engage and delight customers
Smart routing
Route your interactions with ease using both simple and advanced rules and workflows that you can define and modify.
Unlike many other solutions, the ticketing functionality is seamlessly integrated into the product as a complimentary feature.
Call recording
Monitor your calls in real-time or review them after hang-up, as call recording is an integral part of the platform, without the need for any additional installations.
International phone numbers
International inbound numbers offer your company an instant global presence, expanding the availability of your services.
Knowledge base
Empower your customer care agents with shared knowledge through the embedded knowledge base, an essential component of the platform.
Take advantage of the user-friendly integrated CRM module, allowing your agents to access customer lists, interactions, open cases, and a wealth of other information.
Outbound campaigns
Reach out to your customers and contacts effortlessly with the integrated campaign module, featuring a range of dialer options, including preview, progressive, power, and predictive dialers.
Access comprehensive statistics for your customer care operations, create custom reports using Advanced Analytics, and compile it all into pre-built reports available to all your managers and team leaders.
Offer your contact center real-time insights directly in the workplace using embedded wallboard functionality, with extensive customization options to suit your needs.
Self-care admin
The entire application is designed to empower you to make most configuration changes on your
own, eliminating the need for specialized engineers
An open API is included with every installation, designed for easy integration with comprehensive documentation and a range of CLIs (Command Line Interfaces) readily available for your use.
Open Integration Framework

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