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Car showrooms and car repair shops

Artificial intelligence allows you to route your customers’ requests directly to individual sellers or specific technicians.

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Customers who have a great experience will buy again, be loyal, and recommend your business. With advanced communications, you can deliver the service customers expect.
Requests will never be forgotten
Suppose a specific employee is unavailable when a customer calls. In that case, a ticket can be assigned to the right person, including a note or recording detailing the customer’s requirements.
360° Customer View with CRM Integration
Automatically access a 360-degree view of your clients' communication history when they contact you. This way, you can tailor every interaction to fit their specific car service needs.
Improve support with a unique number
Direct customers to the right experts for their queries.
Daktela Mobile App
The Daktela Mobile App displays important parts of the Dashboard just like you are used to from the browser version of Daktela.
Work with any of your tickets stored in Daktela or create new ones. The Tickets module lets you send emails, dial calls and add comments to your tickets. The Notifications Centre lets you know about any changes to tickets you own or follow.
CRM at hand
A complete overview of all contacts and accounts is available in the app. You can even edit entries and create new ones or start an activity from contact or account details.
Automate with Artificial Intelligence
Transform brief notes and concepts into exceptional copy effortlessly. Simply choose the desired transformation and allow the AI to complete the task.
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24/7 Support
Access round-the-clock support via phone, email, and chat, automatically. Our highly qualified technical support is available in 8 languages.
Native Omnichannel
Engage customers on their preferred channels—phone, email, or social media—while keeping a complete history in one organized thread.
Flexibility and Scalability
Select only the channels you require. As your company grows, Daktela will grow with you and adjust to your evolving needs.
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We have worked with Daktela for over 15 years. They have helped us grow our customer base and improve our communications.
Ludmila Foltýnová
We are thoroughly impressed with Daktela's professionalism. The flexibility of the solution means it can easily integrate with our existing information systems.
Ondřej Křivan
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