Select the communication 
channels you need


Effortlessly manage Inbound Phone Calls and customer queues with our advanced and personalized IVR (Interactive Voice Response).
Or, reach out to customers proactivel with unlimited Inbound Phone Calls, in one solution.”



Improve your email commnunication.
Transform every incoming email into a ticket and manage who receives it. Unify your email communication into a modern Helpdesk .



Engage customers in real-time communication on your website using a user-friendly Webchat solution. A customer-favorite channel enables effective selling, lead generation and the quick responses.



Communicate with customers via SMS channel on their personal mobile devices. Impress them with prompt and relevant replies, while maintaining unified thread for historical SMS communications along with other channels.



Connect with customers on their preferred social platforms like Facebook Messenger, Instagram Direct, WhatsApp Business, or Viber Business, and centralize all interactions, including other communication channels, in one thread.



Most popular channels combinations

People most frequently utilize the communication channels mentioned above to get in touch with companies. That’s why we have put together discounted prices for the most commonly used combinations of channels that our customers used for their contact centers in Daktela.

Voice + E-mail

Experience the convenience and efficiency of our Voice and Email Channel solutions combined in one comprehensive package, tailored to meet all your communication needs, and enjoy significant savings with our Voice + Email bundle.

Voice + Email + Webchat

Upgrade your communication game with our Voice + Email + Webchat bundle, providing a complete package of our reliable and feature-packed Voice, Email, and Webchat Channel solutions, all in one convenient package, at an unbeatable price.

Voice + Email + Social

Surprise your customers with an immediate response where they spend most of their time today — on Social media. With the Voice, Email, and Social media package, you provide your customers the ability to contact you in a modern, 21st-century way. All channels are stored in a single thread so you can see a customer’s entire history in one place.

With each license above

QA Reviews

Ensure quality control and improve agent performance with our comprehensive QA Reviews solution, enabling you to track and analyze customer interactions for actionable insights.

We tailor a package to suit your specific needs.

We will adjust to your requirements. As your business grows, Daktela will grow with you. You have the flexibility to modify licenses over time to align with your evolving needs.

Expand the system with additional functionalities


Cloud Phone User

For those who need a corporate virtual phone number accessible on a landline, mobile, computer, laptop, tablet, and elsewhere, but are not part of a contact center and phone queue.



Excellent customer support and service

Local support 24/7

We provide all our customers with 24/7 phone, email, and chat support.
Highly skilled technical assistance is available in 8 languages.

Professional implementation

We’ll guide you through the implementation step by step. The Delivery team will handle technical matters, and an experienced trainer will train your staff.


Within each licence you have a guaranteed level of service with clear parameters and no hidden conditions.
Below you will find details and guarantees according to the scope of services and the license you purchase.

SLA Basic

SLA Premium

SLA Enterprise​