What did the year 2021 bring us in Daktela and what are our prospects for 2022

Co nám v Daktele přinesl rok 2021 a výhledy do roku 2022

The year 2021 is behind us and we at Daktela will associate it with further great growth and many significant events that move us further by leaps and bounds. We have prepared an overview of the most important news of this year and what goals we are entering 2022 with.

“The most important news of last year was our merger with the Slovak private equity company Sandberg Capital. With their experience in expansion, management and telecommunications. We want to become the CEE market leader in contact centers and customer care within five years. We firmly believe that together we can fulfill these visions and then move onto other parts of the world,” said Richard Baar, CEO of Daktela, who emphasized that the new era of Daktela was beginning with the entry of Sandberg.

Daktela continues to strengthen its position as a leader in contact centers in the Central European region. The Slovak and Polish branches succeeded in becoming independent, and the newly opened branch in Hungary last year also has its first customers.

There is also a new version of Daktela 6.20 in the world, which, in addition to the new look, that was really successful, also brings many new features.

We are also proud that we helped to overcome the pandemic this year, and the Smart Quarantine or Information Line 1221 projects helped hundreds of thousands of Czech citizens. Daktela’s solution has also helped hundreds of companies, whether they are existing or new customers. This assistance consisted in the fact that they were able to move part of the operation to the home office and continue to offer quality customer support to their clients.

Daktela grew extremely fast last year, but also in terms of personnel, and at the beginning of December 2021 we celebrated the 100th Daktelák and in January we continued this trend and a new 7 Daktelák boarded.

However, the numbers of our customers are growing much faster than the numbers of our employees. The most well-known are certainly Gasnet, PPL, BEKO, Cinkly, MediaCall and KOVACO Electric.

Among our great successes, we must also mention that Daktela passed a security audit by Bishop Fox last year. The aim of the audit was to verify the security of the application with regard to integration with Google services, ie the audit focused on the functionality of the connection to Google Apps and the basic functionality of the application (authentication, authorization, OWASP Top 10, …).

Throughout the year, we at Daktela think of the less fortunate who need our help the most – children from socially disadvantaged families and lonely seniors. Last year, we donated more than 105,000 CZK to several projects. And we will give away joy again this year…!

And what are our plans for this year? We plan further growth! We are opening a new Daktela branch in Romania, followed by a branch in Slovenia, and we are already analyzing other Eastern European markets that we would like to enter. We have acquired a strong partner for Western European markets, NFON AG, which is a provider of a cloud PBX for business communications. At the same time, a new team was created, which should focus on partner development and develop it. At the moment, we are very aware of the changes that are taking place and the purely Czech Daktela is experiencing a rebirth into a global society with everything.

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