Our pick and mix option allows you to choose the license that fits the skillsets of your people to maximise their productivity and minimise the cost.


Experience seamless voice communication with our affordable and feature-packed Voice Channel solution.


/ user / month



Streamline your email communication with our E-mail Channel solution, designed for efficiency and ease-of-use.


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Engage with your website visitors in real-time with our customizable and user-friendly Webchat solution.


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Reach your audience instantly and effectively with our SMS Channel solution, delivering messages straight to their mobile devices.


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Connect with your customers on their preferred social platforms, which include Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp Business, and Viber.


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Included with any channel license

Knowledge Base

Improve customer satisfaction with our comprehensive knowledge base solution.


Efficiently manage customer inquiries and support requests with our intuitive ticketing system, improving response times and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Realtime panel

Monitor your communication channels in real-time and respond promptly to customer needs with our user-friendly Real-time Panel solution.

QA Reviews

Ensure quality control and improve agent performance with our comprehensive QA Reviews solution, enabling you to track and analyze customer interactions for actionable insights.

Reports & analytics

Optimize your communication strategy with data-driven insights from our reporting tools.

Mobile application

Stay connected on-the-go with our mobile application, enabling you to access and manage all communication channels from your mobile device with ease and convenience.

24/7 Local Phone Support

Guided Installation

Service Level Agreement

We'll create a customized package tailored to your specific needs - just for you!


Mix the channels you want to use!​

Voice + E-mail


Experience the convenience and efficiency of our Voice and E-mail Channel solutions combined in one comprehensive package, tailored to meet all your communication needs, and enjoy significant savings with our Voice + E-mail bundle.

Voice + E-mail + Webchat


Upgrade your communication game with our Voice + E-mail + Webchat bundle, providing a complete package of our reliable and feature-packed Voice, E-mail, and Webchat Channel solutions, all in one convenient package, at an unbeatable price.

Voice + E-mail + Social


Surprise your customers with an immediate response where they spend most of their time today — on Social media. With the Voice, Email, and Social media package, you provide your customers the ability to contact you in a modern, 21st-century way. All channels are stored in a single thread so you can see a customer’s entire history in one place.

Add-on packages

CRM & Contact History Package

Gain a 360-degree view of customer interactions across all communication channels to better understand their behavior and deliver personalized experiences that increase loyalty and revenue

AI Agent

Automate routine communications by using VoiceBot, ChatBot, EmailBot or SMSBot and free up more time for important things

Outbound Dialling Package

Choose various dialing methods for each campaign, such as preview (manual), progressive, or predictive dialing. Also, have the flexibility to modify these methods as needed to optimize performance.

Text AI Tools

Translate and compose intelligently, categorize and sort tickets automatically, build autonomous Chat GTP macros with our advanced AI.

Robocaller Package

Develop an automated dialing campaign that operates without the need for human agents and can be programmed to run 24/7 as needed. This application will automatically dial phone numbers based on a predefined set of rules that you establish.

Workforce Management

Simple tool for omnichannel contact centre shift planning with built-in attendance tracking. AI-driven scheduling and forecasting.

Voice Automation Package

Utilize AI capabilities to filter customer queries and direct specific questions to the most appropriate person, ensuring the best possible response. Connect all communication channels and create the impression of a unified conversation.

Business Intelligence Package

Effectively manage and analyze massive amounts of data to gain insightful statistics about your customers. Improve your communication, customer care, evaluate operator performance, and maintain control over operations.

Answering Machine Detection Package

Instantly determine who is taking a call from your contact centre using AI speech recognition technology – whether it’s a person or an answering machine.And promote the efficiency of your entire customer care operation and increase direct customer contact.

AI voicemail detection & call transcriptions

Boost the agent’s productivity on outbound campaigns by fast and accurate voicemail detection technology / Automatic call topic, call summaries, sentiment and optional full call transcriptions.

Back-office​ User

Back office user is usually for users who need to call, but do not need to have an overview (statistics). For example, accountant, warehouse, executive, ordinary employees, etc.

Custom Activity License

Manage our cloud solution online from anywhere and integrate it with other enterprise systems to enhance and personalize the overall customer experience. This efficient and unified approach is beneficial for businesses of all sizes and types.

We'll create a customized package tailored to your specific needs - just for you!


Cloud Phone User

A Modern, fully digital, secure but significantly cheaper telephony solution for your company.


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Service Level Agreement

SLA Basic

SLA Premium

SLA Enterprise​