Eyerim & Daktela

Eyerim & Daktela

With the Daktela web application, we now have no problem being in constant contact with thousands of customers from all over Europe through various communication channels!!”

Eyerim online optician offers a simple ticketing system, a clear method of invoicing, detailed statistics, a willing team and flexible settings directly based on our requirements – simply everything under one roof.

You can find Eyerim customers in more than 12 European countries. They communicate with our customer service via email, phone calls, chat or social networks. With our customer base growing every day and customer requirements becoming more complex, we needed to find a solution that would meet all the requirements related to rapid growth, multi-channel coverage and advanced statistics to help us maintain and improve the quality of communication.

But with Daktela, we got so much more! A great professional approach, the possibility to set up the switchboard according to our own requirements, the availability of foreign numbers without any unnecessary paperwork, IVR recordings in multiple languages or familiarization with other available communication channels such as Whatsapp or Viber. A big advantage was the simple integration and getting to know the entire system both as an administrator and as an operator. Our customer service team considers the start of cooperation one of the highlights of 2021, which speaks for itself.

In addition, through this cooperation we have gained a partner who is open to feedback, so we can develop with each other.


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