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Notino & Daktela

“Thanks to the clear call center solution, we can see various statistics and thus have overall communication with the customer under our supervision. In this way, we can effectively set up sales and service strategies.”


Building customer support and clarifying customer requirements.


Notino has built its place on the market not only through its pricing policy, but above all through its customer orientation. Where would Notino be today if not for its quality customer support?

With the growth in the number of our customers and the need to build more effective communication, Daktela has been helping us for more than 10 years. Its development department has always responded to all our requests to improve our customer service.

Through the gradual centralization and integration of multiple communication channels, it enabled us to solve client requirements clearly and most importantly effectively. Calls, e-mails, webchats and Facebook no longer represent a head full of problems, but instead the joy of well-served customers and not only in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Thanks to Daktela, Notino can serve clients in more than 27 countries and because of the clear call center solution, we have all communication platforms together and thus have overall communication with the customer under our supervision.



“A hardware switchboard installed in a garage and agents handling client requests in several separate applications. Yes, that was the reality of customer support in the past. Also thanks to the cooperation with Notino, Daktela has developed into a clear web interface that now offers omnichannel solutions. We have been working with Notino since the beginning and we are proud that Notino was able to grow thanks to us. With growing customer service, they were able to expand the number of their clients as well.”

Lukáš Klacík, Daktela

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